Spring dreaming

Even the most passionate cook gets a little kitchen weary this time of year. We have all cooked up chiliies, soups, pasta dishes & roasted enough veggies that even a vegetarian would say “no more!” With spring just two weeks away, my thoughts are wandering to the start of gardening season.

Here at the Inn we plant a large veggie crop out in our orchard. Several years ago we planted asparagus & strawberries, and reach spring they are our first crop. Tender green asparagus stalks grace our breakfast & dinner plates, roasted or grilled, served with homemade aioli.

basket of strawberries
fresh from the garden

The thought of picking fresh strawberries, sweet smelling from the sun’s warmth, makes my mouth water. I know I am getting a little ahead of myself as I look out the window to meadows still frozen over in several feet of snow. Spring comes slowly to Vermont. We await its arrival, bringing the color & scent of the earth waking up.


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