Florida Dining

A few times of year my husband & I escape to the sunny sands of Florida’s gulf coast. April tends to be a quiet time in Vermont; the snow is finally melting and the land just looks tired & gray. While our assistant manager Liz finishes up the last of the sugaring, (maple, that is,) we head south.

Shrimp and Avocado Salad
Shrimp & Avocado Salad

While most folks on vacation look forward to dining out, I embrace the opportunity to buy locally & cook .

A friendly older gent sets up a farm stand 3 days a week. We load up on fresh berries; oranges & grapefruit; lettuces and all kinds of tomatoes. Next stop is always the fish store. Independently owned, this little gem has a nice selection of fresh caught shrimp, blue crabs and a gulf favorite– grouper. We visit there often, selecting whatever is the catch of the day.

Florida Hibiscus Flower

Now don’t get me wrong, I love eating out & tasting the local fare, but to cook at our Florida home is equally satisfying. Our back patio overlooks the canal, and from there we can enjoy incredible sunsets amidst those iconic Palm trees and bevy of blooming hibiscus.

Since we have arrived we have chosen to eat every meal al fresco, enjoying the glorious feeling of summer, having endured so many frozen snowy days in New England.

Florida HeronOur lunches have been a variety of salad greens, beautiful tomatoes & fresh gulf shrimp, steamed & chilled. Enjoyed with a chilled glass of wine, I am happy in paradise. Oh, did I mention an uninvited lunch guest?


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