Memorial day & we are a grillin

At our country Inn in Vermont, we always take great care to prepare a memorable meal on Saturday evening. Even on a holiday weekend when folks are in a party mood, we still take time to prepare a special dinner. Given it was Memorial day we fired up the grill for a batch of spicy rubbed strip steaks. I made up a batch of bleu cheese( Point Reyes) walnut butter to top the steaks once they were cooked off.

We are in the middle of asparagus season here at the inn. Each morning, our dog Tito & I take a walk on the property. Our last stop is always the garden to see what is happening.Asparagus seemed like the only reasonable choice to accompany our dinner steaks.Asparagus patchmy garden buddy, Tito

Fresh Asparagus from our garden
Basket- fresh – Asparagus

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