Pizza for breakfast?

We tries something fun & different for breakfast on Sunday,  Memorial day weekend. Pizza? Now if you are like me, you are thinking a cold slice leftover from a late night of drinks (too many) and pizza at midnight. Well forget about that! We made up homemade crust and topped them with assorted breakfast items typical of morning edibles.How about a crust topped with scrambled eggs, shredded potatoes, bacon, onion, & cheddar cheese. A vegetarian option was a crust topped with scrambled eggs, a white sauce, sliced tomatoes, feta cheese & chopped scallions. The breakfast was rounded out with a lovely fresh fruit salad & a platter of homemade banana crumb coffee cake.

Pizza for breakfast
Breakfast -pizza

What made it perfect was we were able to enjoy it out on the patio with the sound of birdsong over looking the pond. A beautiful day lay ahead.


One thought on “Pizza for breakfast?”

  1. A new breakfast chef? A fantastic idea. definitely have to find the time to join you again. We had such a marvelous time New Year’s Eve. — J & A

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