Vermont strawberries & asparagus



asparagus & strawberries
fresh from the garden asparagus & strawberries

We are approaching mid June & I am still getting beautiful asparagus from our garden. We never tire of it no matter what meal it makes it way into. We often steam it once we have cut it into 2 inch pieces then it is ready for a quick saute with shallots. Then we scramble up some eggs & mix the asparagus in with a generous shaving of good Parmesan cheese. Simple , healthy breakfast food.

Another favorite way to enjoy it is simply grilled. I toss it with olive oil , salt & freshly ground pepper & then place it on the grill med heat for just a few minutes. The trick is to not loose any between the grates.Once they are grilled to your liking, dip them in a homemade aoli sauce. Mine usually has a good quality mayo, a tsp. of dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper & at least a Tbs. of minced garlic.Yummy.

The strawberry patch is just starting to redden. A small handful was gathered to tempt my husband to the breakfast table, where we enjoyed them bare, & savored their sweetness freshly picked moments ago. If you are a foodie or gardener, the season keeps getting more exciting.

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