New kitchen space

Anyone who has visited Abbott’s Glen and dined here knows food is very important . And if you have met me, Amy, you know I love to cook. There is no place I feel more at home than in my kitchen. For years, I created breakfasts & dinners for our guests sometimes as many as 40~ 50 . My prior kitchen was a space 11 X 14 with no counter space except for a movable wooden cart in the middle. The space was so small that only 2 people could function it it, in an intimate dance of culinary tango. To open the door to the refrigerator, you had to move the cart. To open the dishwasher, you had to move the cart again. It was a dance I grew to excel in, but with dreams of a larger space that would allow me to have multiple surfaces for creating everything from fancy plated dinners to bountiful gourmet breakfasts with a large center island.

center island in the Abbotts kitchen
center island in the Abbotts Glen new kitchen

My dream was realized last summer when the new addition to our inn was completed. I now had a space not only for creating gourmet country meals, but also a official check in office & a small gift shoppe.

My proclamation is: I love my new kitchen. I have created a space that functions professionally with a restaurant license, but with the charm & beauty of country antique  pieces. Even when I am not actively cooking, I find great joy in simple gatherings of certain items that I have collected over the years.

onions still life
onions lined up on a wooden board

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